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International Association of Judges of Lash and Brow INDUSTRY



More than 10 years of experience

500 +
Courses realised
1000 +
Students around the world


International Association of Judges of Lash and Brow Industry

The goal of the association is to unite professionals, to take the championships to another level and to establish an equal working format for judges and trainers.

So far the Association has created a Junior Judge and Senior Judge accreditation systems. IAJLB has established the rules for championships and for participants.

The Association is international, we have judges from various countries. Communication at the international level allows us to establish the same rules for competitions, conferences, and other events.

Also, IAJLB has created a system of accreditation of trainers to continue improving the sector and maintain a high-quality level. Our professionals are recognized around the world and work for the same system of legal criteria, as well as have formations approved by IAJLB.

IAJLB was founded in 2018, in Barcelona, Spain and registered in RNA.

We invite you to be a member of the International Association of Judges Lash & Brow.

How to become a member of the association?

In order to become a member of the association, you need to meet the established requirements and complete an accreditation course.

What will the association membership give me?

The association consists of the best specialists working according to high standards. Our trainers offer high-quality, full-fledged courses for professionals, as well as course programs and training manuals which have passed the accreditation and meet the requirements established by the association.

Who are the Judges of the Association?

The judges of the association work in according to common standards, take care of the most difficult and controversial situations at the championships and evaluate on the basis of certain criteria and never overestimate or underestimate without an objective reason. Each judge understands the intricacies of each criteria and can easily be called an expert in judging. Our judges were accredited and have complete information about the protocol of the championships, in case of the slightest violation of the rules, the Judge will certainly report it. Our judges are independent and objective, who appreciate and love their work. They are real experts and their task is to analyse in detail the work of the participant to identify their strengths and weaknesses. Our judges participate only in accredited championships that meet all the requirements and high standards.

What’s happening after the accreditation?

Once you became a member of the association, you are eligible to use the IAJLB logo as a confirmation of membership. And you also get a registered diploma and the right to participate in the events of the Association


Accreditation Courses


(English, Spanish, Russian, German)


(English, Spanish, Russian, German)


(English, Spanish, Russian, German)


Trainers and Judges of the Association


Inna Shilo


Instagram: @dr.shilo_perfectlook Facebook: SHILO INNA

  • International judge
  • Speaker
  • Organizer of eyelash extension championships in
  • Russia, Germany and Spain
  • Entered the top 100 best masters of Russia
  • Over 2500 students all over the world 
  • General instructor «Fan technology beam formation. the formation, the fan for 5 second
  • 8 instructors of technology of Inna Shilo ( Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Turkey, Sweden)
  • Co-founder of International Association of Judges Lash&Brow

Irina Ronite


Instagram: @irinaronite

  • Master with experience for more than 10 years
  • Founder and director of the first studio for eyelash and eyebrow design “Dalila lashes” in Latvia
  • Owner more than 50 diplomas in advanced training from the best trainers of the lash industry
  • Certificate coach
  • Autor and developer of training programs and criteria for eyebrow design and restoration championships and eyelash lamination
  • Multiple winner of international championships
  •  The actual judge of the championships of lamination of eyelashes, as well as modeling of eyebrows (more than 50 international championships from 2017 till 2020 year)
  • Spiker of international forums
  • Organizer the first conference for masters of lash and brow masters in Latvia, the organizer of the largest championship in Europe “Kolibri EUROPE”
  • Co-owner of brands for eyebrow and eyelash care “Dalashes”, Lami lashes
  • Trainer and Expert Judge of International Association of Judges Lash & Brow
unnamed (1)

Mariia Buianova


Instagram: @lash_room_bcn @mylamination_spain

  • Professional Lashist with 9 years of experience in the eyelash extensions industry
  • Author of courses for lash artists
  • Trainer Official of My Lamination Spain
  • Author of YouTube channel “Мария Буянова” with more than 25K followers
  • Spanish YouTube channel “Mariia Buiianova Volume Lashes” with 3,8K.
  • Founder of Lash Room Academy – online formations
  • Founder of Lash Room Academy Barcelona
  • Graduated as a Lash Trainer from the Conessans Academy in St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Judge and speaker of conferences and championships
  • Organizer of “Lash Camp Ferie Marathon”
  • Organizer of the “Champ Lash Ferie  2020” Championship
  • Co-founder and member of the International Association of Judges Lash & Brow
  • IAJLB accredited trainer

Ina Heinzmann


Instagram: @inaheinzmann

  •  CEO & Founder of WIMPERN COUTURE Lash& Brow Academy
  •  Permanent studies only during one year brought more than 28 certificates in Lash Lamination & Brow Design
  •  Author of Lamination Courses “Lash Lamination” & “Lamination 2.0” & “My BROW Lamination”
  •  Multi-awarded winner of worldwide competitions
  •  Leading Master Trainer for Lash Lamination and Brow Design, her students are multiple international prize winners
  • International Judge & Conference Speaker


What Do People Say About Us?

El curso de trainer me ayudó a explorar mejor mis conocimientos, me siento muchísimo más capacitada, gracias y mil gracias a la asociación por haberme hecho crecer como profesional
Mari Ángeles Mel Travieso
The course helped me become an individual, certified trainer in Kharkov, Ukraine. For my real and potential students, this achievement is very significant, because my teaching experience is now supported and approved by the International Association, registered officially! I wish the Association further prosperity, many quality and worthy coaches who love profession and students!
Malobrodskaya Svetlana
El curso de trainer me ayudó mucho en cuanto a organización de tiempos , temario para alumnas, material necesario y sobre todo a sentirme segura de la formación de calidad que voy a impartir a otr@s compañeros dispuest@s a descubrir este oficio tan gratificante y tan demandado. Con el respaldo de la asociación internacional de jueces para la industria de cejas y pestañas. Lo recomiendo mucho.
Aurelia Fernández Ferreiro


To verify if you can do the trainer certification program, please consider sending us your CV, attaching diplomas, examples of your work, trainings, participation in championships, publications etc.