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(English, Spanish, Russian, German)

Lami & Brow Trainer certified by International Association of Judges

This course is aimed at professionals with experience in eyelash and eyebrow lamination, for Lami makers who want to start teaching professional eyelash and eyebrow lamination courses. The Trainer Accredited Course will help you create a complete and professional course with the standards set by the association, create manuals and different schedules for different levels. In the course you will study teaching methodology, group work, marketing. This course will help you start a new stage in your lashist career.


For professionals with special training and experience in the classroom or study to obtain the qualification of “Lami” Trainer “you have to meet the following requirements:

  1. Experience (minimum 2 years)
  2. Apply eyelash and eyebrow lamination/Eyebrow design, coloring, hair removal techniques, henna coloring.
  3. Participation in championships and conferences (any trainer has to demonstrate their level by participating in competitions, if you do not currently have to do it the next 6 months after accreditation).
  4. Conduct teaching activities, master classes, courses (for Junior Trainer you can do accreditation without experience).
  5. Complete training as a trainer in the Lash & Brow IAJLB Judges Association (International Association of Judges Lash and Brow)


Lash Junior Trainer

Master Trainer

Expert Trainer

Expert International Trainer

Once accredited, the trainer is entitled to:

  1. Conduct accredited training
  2. Use the association logo in their titles and post information on social networks
  3. Coach can use the IAJLB Trainer Manual/Presentation in your courses, if you do not have your own manual
  4. The coach receives discounts from association members, events and ect.
  5. Follow and support to grow as a Trainer
  6. Trainer banner with your data will be published on the IAJLB page
  7. You will receive the Trainer’s diploma and the association’s commemorative plaque.

Functions of the accredited member:

  1. Comply with the standards and standards set by the IAJLB.
  2. Improve qualification 2 times a year (offline or online)
  3. When changing the program, the coach is required to report changes to the schedule of the new course.
  4. Create slideshow with photos and videos
  5. Make a personal porfolio of master coach for social networks.
  6. Prepare programming of all courses, banner, diploma with logo.
  7. Prepare a video (minute 1) to talk about yourself.

Course schedule online Certification Trainer accredited by IAJLB Lamination and Eyebrow Architecture:

Block 1

  1. Eyelash and eyebrow rolling course (detailed)
  2. Materials and products for Eyelash and Eyebrow Lamination
  3. Anatomy of the eye
  4. Contraindications
  5. Physical chemical properties
  6. Molds
  7. Typical Student Errors
  8. Step-by-step treatment
  9. Thematic course lamination of eyelashes and eyebrows 11. Visual material for the course

Block 2

  1. Eyebrow Architecture Course
  2. Anatomy of the skin
  3. Types of eyebrows and types of face
  4. Coloration Henna
  5. Coloration Dyes
  6. Programming of the course on Eyebrow Architecture
  7. Course programming working with henna
  8. How to organize the process (theoretical, practical, appropriate times).
  9. Course Visual Material and Portfolio

Block 3

  1. Teaching Methodology
  2. Group Work
  3. Marketing, social networks, personal image

Certification price

  • Item #1
    600 €
    Languages spoken: Russian, English, Spanish, German

To check if you can do trainer certification fill out the form. We will review your request as soon as possible and send you an email.

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