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(English, Spanish, Russian, German)

International Association of Judges Lash & Brow certified Trainer


For the teachers with special training and working experience in a salon or a studio to obtain the qualification of «Accredited Lash Trainer» (level 1) you have to meet the following criteria:

  1. Experience (at least 2 years)
  2. Knowledge of Classic Technique and Volume Technique of 1D up to 6D
  3. Publications in professional magazines
  4. Recognizable public success, for example championships or conferences
  5. Experience in teaching activities, master classes and courses
  6. Complete IAJLB (International Association of Judges Lash & Brow) accreditation


Lash Junior Trainer

Master Trainer

Expert Trainer

Expert International Trainer

Once accredited, the trainer is entitled to:

  • Conduct accredited training
  • Use the association’s logo in the titles, diplomas and post information on social media
  • Use the IAJLB Training Manual in their courses unless the trainers possess their own manual
  • Put accreditation logo in their course manual and other visual material
  • Get access to discounts from association members
  • Participate in the events of the association (championships, conferences, courses)
  • Get support on social media in order to grow professionally as a trainer

Trainer’s duties:

  1. Make sure to continue to develop your skills as a trainer and improve your working technique 2 times a year
  2. Create the course schedule, prepare the course manual and the course content
  3. Create a trainer’s portfolio (photo, video)
  4. Be present on social media, have an active Instagram page
  5. In case of changing the course schedule, you should warn us about the  changes
  6. Create course certificate (you have the right to put logo, if you do not have IAJLB certificate you can design it)
  7. Participate in conferences, championships, workshops on Eyelash Extensions and Look Design

IAJLB’s “Accredited Trainer” online course schedule:

Block 1

  1. Classic Technique
  2. Allergies and Contraindications
  3. Anatomy of eyes and skin
  4. Stages of the natural lash growth
  5. Informed consent 
  6. Types of material and products for Lash Extensions
  7. Types of Extensions (structure, thickness, curl, length)
  8. Application Technique
  9. Designs
  10. Adhesive Types
  11. Components and correct use of adhesives

Block 2

  1. Techniques Russian Volume
  2. Fan Geometry
  3. Application Technique
  4. Fan training techniques
  5. Advanced designs
  6. Layering
  7. Vertical line layout
  8. Lash Mapping
  9. Tapping
  10. Aftercare

Block 3

  1. How to organize your course
  • programming
  • manual
  • presentation
  1. Organization of the process, timing of the course
  2. Working in Groups
  3. Student psychology, student questions and doubts
  4. Types of training: online, on-site, in group, webinar, master class, full course
  5. Personal image
  6. Marketing and social media, how to sell your course

Certification price

  • Item #1
    600 €
    Languages spoken: Russian, English, Spanish, German

To check if you can make trainer certification send us your experience, attaching diplomas and examples of your work, trainings, participation in championships, publications and ect.

You can send your files to the